Review: „Red Seas Under Red Skies“ (Gentleman Bastards #2) – Scott Lynch

Willkommen zurück, Locke Lamora!

Nach einem wahren Feuerwerk an Freude, das „Die Lücken des Locke Lamora“, buchtechnisch bei mir ausgelöst hat, habe ich mich mit „Red Seas Under Red Skies“, dem Folgebann, lange Zeit ein bisschen schwer getan.

Aber kommt Zeit, kommt Leselust – und so begab es sich, dass ich „Sturm über Roten Wassern“ im Endeffekt noch ein bisschen mehr geliebt habe, als den ersten Teil über Locke, Jean und seine Freunde. Wie das passieren konnte, wo ich doch so lange für das Buch gebraucht habe? Tja, das ist eine Frage, die ich mir bisher auch noch nicht so richtig beantworten konnte… aber alles andere & noch ein bisschen mehr habe ich in meinem (nicht ganz Spoiler freien) Review zusammen gefasst.

Für alle, die hier neu sind und noch nichts von meiner Liebe zu Locke und Co. wissen, gibt’s hier das Review zum ersten Teil &eine Zusammenfassung. Das Review zu „Red Seas Under Red Skies“ gibt’s heute auf Englisch 🙂 (Und psssst, „The Republic of Thieves“ ist auch schon auf einem guten Weg, ausgelesen zu werden 😉 )

Wie immer: after the jump! 😉


Red Seas Under Red Skies (Gentleman Bastard, #2)Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I know, I begin too many of my reviews with the word „Wow!“, but trust me – this time, it is more than entirely justified. It feels like this series should be the only one I should start with WOW when reviewing the books.
I am completely blown away by the wonderful breeze this book was. There was so much I was not expecting and some things I hoped would not happen, but hey – imperfection creates perfection. That’s the only thing to put it into words, really.
But lets tell this tale from the start:
I knew, before I touched this book, that Sabetha – one Gentleman Bastard member still alive and Locke’s long lost love interest (wowza, so many words with l) – wouldn’t appear in this book. And although Scott Lynch’s amazing series has converted me to the Fantasy genre, I still have a thing or two for love stories. So I had a plan – to get through this book as fast as I could, because I really, REALLY wanted to meet Sabetha. Now… well, right now, I’d trade every glimpse of Sabetha for one more page of Jean and Ezri.
I’m not gonna lie: the first part of the book was one hell of a boring trip for me. I loved the Sinspire and I was so thrilled that it would be the stage of the book, but somehow that didn’t work out with the title now, did it? So I was really confused and Locke is always a bit lost with me when he starts weaving his net. But as soon as the poison/Stragos/Requin/several layers of lying started, I was back in the game and when their ship guy died – sorry, I kinda forgot his name, the one with the heart attack – I was really in for a Locke Lamora treat.
From that point on it became nothing short of magnificent! I loved every last page, every sentence of it. Locke kept me amused throughout the entire book – I made 41 dog ears on behalf of funny Locke moments only – and that was only encouraged by Captain Zamira Drakasha and her crew of the Poison Orchid.
The dynamic of the characters is so vibrant, so alive and so realistic – I felt like I was in the middle of a really, really good pirate adventure.
When I met Ezri for the first time, I immediately knew that Jean would finally get a girl. (Because, hands down, he deserves a love interest SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!)
Ezri was PERFECT for him. In general, Ezri seemed almost too perfect. She was an amazing character, independent, strong, funny, fierce and a tad romantic. But as the past tense indicates… she was.
*sigh* What I learned from the first book, „The Lies of Locke Lamora“, caused me the worst pain in „Red Seas under Red Skies“: Scott Lynch never chooses the most obvious plottwist. NEVER.
Except this time. This time he did and it hit me completely off guard. I only realised Ezri was really dead, dead like nearly all of the Gentleman Bastards, thanks for reminding me on that one! – when Locke’s voice broke while speaking his prayers to the Crooked Warden for her. (BTW, OY YOU. YES, YOU CROOKED WARDEN!! Would you be so kind and kick damn fucking IONO IN THE SHINS FOR ME?! THANKS!!) That was so, so sad. So unbelievably sad. One of the most painful character deaths ever.
I’m quite sure I would never stop babbling and sobbing about this, so I’m going on right away, but Ezri … be sure, you’ll be in my Hall of Fame straight away, right next to Jean where you belong ♥


The finale, as always, was a blurr of death offerings, strings untangling, Locke Lamora wit and fucking nearly everyone over. Ah oh and… of course, leaving the city. And as always, it was a blast, full of surprises, though they dimmed just a bit in the light of lost love. It was just too painful to see Jean lash out because of all his pain. I wanted to hug him through the entire last bit of the book.
The most unforeseen twist was the one that started it all: the poison. I have to admit, when I bought the third book „The Republic of Thieves“, it actually gave the outcome of „Red Seas Under Red Skies“ away. Locke would be in the process of dying during the third book, so they would have to find a cure for Jean, but somehow not for Locke. I had a slight idea about it, but luckily that part kept me still interested, though I did know the outcome.
I am quite glad Locke tricked Jean into taking the antidote, because – frankly – he deserved it. Not more than Locke, that’s not what I am saying, but … Jean just deserved this one thing, yes?


Some questions haven’t been answered in the book, but I guess they are not important questions. I was really interested in who the father of Cos and Paolo is. I don’t even know why. I don’t need or see a father for those three, because Zamira and the children are adorable enough together, but I was just curious. First I thought it might be one Captain from the council, but if there was a hint, I didn’t see it – much like Locke didn’t see the hand sign from Jean 😛

Which leads me to the next question: was that just slip up or did Jean really used the hand sign wrong? I went back to the page and he does raise a hand, but why didn’t Locke see that? Hmm…


Last but not least, I loved the end. Everything felt round, and though the pain will ache like hell, it was good. Calm, for once. And Regal is with them, but of course, they won’t get attatched. 😉

I hope, Zamira and the crew will return in further installments, although the pain of Ezris death will always stay with them…

As for the rest: bring it on! I’m ready for the lady Locke Lamora locked (haha) in his heart, seemingly forever. Bring it on, Sabetha, and make it worthwile!

„This day is ours“, she said when they parted at last.

Soundtrack of the book: Pirates of the Carribean – Hans Zimmer

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