[Top 5 Wednesday:] Top 5 Fictional Cities

Liebe Leserinnen, liebe Leser,


ich bin zwar eine Woche zu spät mit dieser Kategorie, aber als ich AnjaIsReadings Beitrag zum Thema gelesen habe, habe ich mich gefragt, welche 5 fiktionalen Städte meine Favoriten wären und na ja – so bin ich bei diesem Blogpost gelandet. 🙂

Für welche fünf ‚Weltstädte‘ ich mich entschieden habe, das könnt ihr – wie immer – nach dem Klick sehen.

[Prädikat: This post is brought to you in written English]


It’s Wednesday and that means that it’s Top 5 Wednesday.
This week’s topic is top five fictional cities.

Top Five Wednesday was created by GingerReadsLainey. Find out more at the Goodreads group.


Apart from all the amazing shades and colours authors have given my favourite real cities, like London, Oxford and Paris, there are some purely (or almost purely) fictional villages and cities, that have stayed in my mind until today. My top five follow now! 😉

Hogsmeade – Harry Potter

Source: WizardingWorldMap

Right, this is not only a map of Hogsmeade, but the area all around Hogwarts as well. Nevertheless, it illustrates how well this concept is thought through and also illustrated. I’ve always loved the idea of exploring Hogsmeade and everything it has to offer. And I guess I’m in more than good company with that. 🙂

The Walls – Attack on Titan

Source: Attack on Titan (Manga)

Source: Attack on Titan, Anime

When the Titans appeared, humanity tried to save themselves behind three giant walls. The outer most being Maria, followed by Rose and – finally – Wall Sina, enclosing the smallest area, where royality lives. Every wall has four small enclaves, or cities, that have an extra wall, which extend into the outer territory, as you can see above, and in a close up, below.

The city – or rather cities – are in my Top 5, because I love the idea behind it and how it is realised in the Anime as well. Adding up to that, the city is inspired by real, existing cities in Europe, and one particular in Germany.

Both cities, real and animated one, do have a flair of a medieval city, mixed with baroque elements, depending on where you are.

Camorr – The Lies of Locke Lamora

Source: Lesedwards.com

Much like Anja mentioned in her post, I love Camorr. And to say it with her words: „Camorr is kind of like Venice, only better.“ And I agree with that, totally. Maybe it is because I have experienced the city through the eyes of Locke and the other Gentleman Bastards, who sometimes seem to chill on a boat in the middle of the city, but on the other hand – you really just have to have a look at the fantastic map that comes with the book.

Also, there are a few more cities in the books you get to know bit by bit, and Lynch manages to make you see its core each time, for example, when we dive into the area around the Sinspire in „Red Seas Under Red Skies“. (picture on the right)



Cohort I (London) – The Bone Season/The Mime Order

Source: The Mime Order, Samantha Shannon

This is, for a change, a city that actually exists – namely London – but gets a new dimension through a book – namely The Bone Season Series by Samantha Shannon. What I love about this city is that, especially in Book 2, many beautifully drawn maps introduce us to a slightly changed neighbourhood. Can’t wait to explore new cities alongside Paige and Warden in the upcoming sequels! 🙂

Nexis – Artefacts of Power

Source: Goodreads.com

My favourite city has to be the one that started it all – Nexis, home of the magefolk.

You don’t know where the hell that is from? Well, it’s from an, what you might call today, ancient book series that started my love for the fantasy genre: Maggie Furey’s „Artefacts of Power“ Series, starting with the first book „Aurian“, which was released in the 90s.

Nexis is not only home to the magefolk but the place where all the action happens – whether it is magic in the academy, or the fighting in the court of the army in the academy or in my favourite tavern. This place is just stuffed with memories for me.

I love this series to pieces. In fact, I loved it so much, that I didn’t read fantasy books again until in late 2014, Locke Lamora came around. Sadly, there are no pretty maps of Nexis, that’s why I put the gorgeous cover of the german book here instead.

Aurian on Goodreads



These are my Top 5 favourite fictional cities! 🙂

What are yours?


Yours, Tabi ♥

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